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Are you running a Salsa related event and want the Greater Boston/New England area to know about it?

Advertise it with a banner ad! offers great rates, and ads are typically viewed by over 15,000 monthly site visitors.  Recent site visitor statistics can be found here.

Banners are rotated on each page of the site about once every 20 seconds, so each visitor sees most of them every time they visit the site.  Data on ad views and "click-throughs" is available upon request.  (A "click-through" is when someone clicks on the banner ad which loads your page into their browser for more information.)

Additionally, advertised events recieve special mention in our weekly "Salsa Update" emails which are sent to roughly 8000 people.

Services include:

For more information on customizing your advertising, please call 617-513-9841 or contact us here.

Banner Size:

Banners must be 400x100 pixels, .gif or .jpg format


Unlimited displays and clickthroughs: $125/month.

Ad design: $50.

The 6th month is free with the advance purchase of 5 months, and includes free ad design.

Ads can be up and ready to go in as little as 1 hr.

How to advertise:

To purchase advertising:

1) Contact us by email at or use this page>>

2) Design an ad and email it to us, or have us do one for you. email us>>

3) Pay for advertising in our online store. Pay Here>>

Interested in printed flyers and posters?

Printing services are available as well. Click here>>