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Salsa by the Charles Party 2008
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photographs by Renee Ramsauer

charles_07_26_08 115.jpg

charles_07_26_08 116.jpg

charles_07_26_08 117.jpg

charles_07_26_08 118.jpg

charles_07_26_08 119.jpg

charles_07_26_08 120.jpg

charles_07_26_08 121.jpg

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charles_07_26_08 124.jpg

charles_07_26_08 125.jpg

charles_07_26_08 126.jpg

charles_07_26_08 127.jpg

charles_07_26_08 128.jpg

charles_07_26_08 129.jpg

charles_07_26_08 130.jpg

charles_07_26_08 131.jpg

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charles_07_26_08 133.jpg

charles_07_26_08 134.jpg

charles_07_26_08 135.jpg

charles_07_26_08 137.jpg

charles_07_26_08 138.jpg

charles_07_26_08 139.jpg

charles_07_26_08 140.jpg

charles_07_26_08 141.jpg

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